A Look at Brewing in 2023

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According to the Brewers Association’s 2023 end of year recap, this year will be the first time since 2020 (the onset of COVID) that independent brewers will see a decline in production. There isn’t one factor that has led to this decline, but a multitude of challenges that got us to this point. The amazing rise of non-alcoholic beers, the continued success of spirits, and an even more crowded marketplace due to a surge of new brands entering the alcohol space are all contributing factors. In addition, the number of consumers who are moving away from alcohol for health or personal reasons adds to the complexity of this situation.

But brewers are nimble and creative. As beer production declined, new opportunities arose. 2023 saw the continued success of FMBs and RTDs in the alcohol space. More and more craft breweries added new concepts from these categories to their portfolio. Wisely, they tested these products in their tasting rooms before ramping up production and releasing their creations into the market. From margaritas to crushes to hard teas, breweries followed the shifting landscape and pivoted to newer creations to drive revenue and sales.

Brewers historically have been some of the most creative people in the beverage industry and 2023 has again reminded us of all that they do. As we move into the new year, raise a pint, bottle, or can to these brilliant minds who keep innovation alive!

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