Fruits for Ice Cream, Sorbets, and Frozen Desserts

Araza Natural Purees provides all natural fruit that is RTU for ice cream, sorbets, soft serve, frozen custard, premium ice pops, Italian ice, granita, or other frozen desserts.

Our shelf-stable fruit products offer a multitude of benefits that your customers want.

Quality Fruit Products – highest quality fruit that tastes like the REAL FRUIT.

No added sugars – our products are REAL FRUIT, which is important for two main reasons:

Sugar is inexpensive. Why dilute your fruit with a cheap ingredient that you can find practically anywhere? If you’re currently using fruit products that contain sugar, it’s important to factor this in your final ingredient costs.

Formulating recipes – real fruit is an ingredient. Sugar is an ingredient. Milk and cream are ingredients. It’s easier to adjust recipes when ingredients are sold separately.

RTU – simply add our finely pureed fruits into your products. No need to wash, cut, peel, deseed or puree fruit.

Real fruit – our purees have a natural balance of sweetness & acidity.


Lactose free.

Fruits That Inspire™ – fun, exotic fruits that are full of flavor and that customers love.

How do Araza's clean-label fruit products compare to some of its competitors? 

Competitor's Fruit Syrup

Competitor's Fruit Puree

Araza Natural Purees

No Added Sugars
Natural Acidity Balance
Free of Sodium Benzoate
Free of Colorants
Natural Experience