Fruits for Brewing

Brewers love using Araza Natural Purees for reasons that generally fall into three main categories: Quality, Diversity of Fruits, and Competitive Costs.


Picking fruit at the optimal time can be a challenging business. With our aseptic line of fruit purees, we remove the guessing game of ripening in transit or delivering overripe fruit. Our fruits are picked fresh, in their optimal quality. Once the fresh fruits are picked, they’re washed, cut, and processed into a fine puree that delivers flavor characteristic of the fruit.

  • Fresh fruit is picked at optimal time to ensure high quality of raw materials.
  • Certain fruits, such as berries and many tropical fruits, respire extraordinarily fast. Aseptic packaging offers an ideal way to extend the shelf life while maintaining the natural organoleptic quality of the fruit.
  • Safety & Cleanliness. Internally generated processes such as stringent quality control procedures and random testing help to identify and minimize risks.
  • No added sugars.


    Making beers, ciders, meads, hard seltzers, and other fermented products is a competitive business. Differentiate yourselves by innovating with new fruits and new fruit varieties. We’re certain that many of your customers LOVE trying new products, using new, natural fruit ingredients.

    • Unusual and hard to find, exotic fruits.
    • Rare varieties, with unique flavor profiles.  
    • We love to hear from customers and potential customers about hard to find fruits.
    • Popular choice for pilot batches and R&D divisions.


      We understand that you're running a business, and you'll choose the products and ingredients that offer the best value to your operations. Our customers include the small nanos and single-location brewpubs to some of the largest independent craft brewers in the U.S.

      • Ready to use fruit purees save time and labor costs. No need to wash, peel, deseed, cut, or puree fruit.
      • Year-round availability of fruits.
      • Competitive freight costs for LTL (pallet) and ground packages. If you need a quote on freight, we can help provide shipping options from our Maryland warehouse.
      • Can scale up and down based on demand.

        We continue to be amazed by how we’ve been embraced by independent brewers and the craft beverage industry. We are grateful to the friends we’ve made along the way and will continue to provide our customers with FRUITS THAT INSPIRE™.